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Urban Interventions

Inspired by the transformative power of architecture and design, Ruined City sets out to inform and challenge perceived design rules within city-scapes. This is particularly so with regard to the ‘lost’ urban spaces which are scattered across many cities.

Design and Innovation on a micro-scale shape and direct larger social, economic and environmental change ChiefEssays.Net mercutio romeo and juliet. Regeneration of cities, and streetscapes which have been long neglected and removed from interaction, occurs first at the local level, expanding to a greater scale once demand for regeneration has been established. Herein lies the nucleus for change within cities – people, activities, and communities.

It is Ruined City’s hope that, through considered and context-based design, neglected spaces can be reinvigorated, with an aim towards long-term economic, environmental, and social regeneration.

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